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Membership in Meridian Tapping Techniques shows the world you support this harmony of amazing tapping methods – and we support each other! Whether you are

  • an EFT Practitioner
  • an AAMET Practitioner
  • a self-help adventurer
  • a life coach who loves information
  • an “Ask and Receive” Practitioner
  • a TAT and EFT Practitioner
  • a Laser Meridian Technique user
  • a hypnotist who taps
  • a Reiki Master who uses TFT
  • a talk therapist who uses EFT Bears
  • a family therapists who Couple Taps
  • a Meta-Medicine coach who uses tapping to clear the biological conflict shock
  • … the list is endless

YOU are part of our family!

Please help us get the word out. The more members we have, the more we can do. We would love to add videos and teleclasses and gatherings and lots of free information! All money received goes to making this site provide as much as possible for YOU!

You’ll get

  • links to our free videos from LOTS of well-known tappers and energy practitioners
  • link to our tapping icon to show your support of spreading these wonderful techniques
  • links to free audios
  • updated with new audios and videos monthly AT NO COST
  • discounts on EFT and other products
  • insiders input to upcoming events and news
  • and more

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Introductory price of only $3 per month paid annually.

Only available when you sign up for the $36 yearly membership.

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Members have the option of receiving a framed or unframed Meridian Tapping Techniques Membership Certificate (Only available with the purchase of the yearly MTT Membership) Practitioner Listing

MTT members are eligible for a $90 discount for the membership. Now only $99. Practitioner listing for a year is normally $189 per year! See for regular pricing and scroll down for all the free inclusions:

  • All your contact information, links, contact forms, etc
  • Free Marketing – Search Engine Optimization and marketing for for the Practitioners’ listings
  • Extensive Profile and Biography Page
  • FREE workshop listings
  • POST your events FREE
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  • Lots more!

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